Safety experience Training Machine

A Safety experience Training Machine is a device which allows people to simulate onsite labor accidents. The device reproduces realistic dangerous situations to improve the awareness of safety and serve as safety measures and guidance.

It is designed to train operators’ risk detection skills and prevent labor accidents by providing them chances to experience how frightening an accident can be using actual equipment, while it is hard for them to understand that through safety lectures.

Safety Simulator Lineup

Here are some examples of the Safety experience Training Machines that we designed.
Each product is our original since we produce equipment to meet the onsite conditions of each customer.

Dropping Impact Measurement Simulator [ACSEL 5150]

This simulator measures the impact when you fall from height.Looking at the number readout of the impact, and

Solvent Explosion Simulator

Solvent Explosion Simulator [ACSEL 3010]

Using this device, people can understand that a small spark could create a large explosion and actually feel the impact from the reaction.

Manual Drive Chain Jamming Simulator

Manual Drive Chain Jamming Accident Simulator [ACSEL 1060]

This simulator allows you to experience the feeling of getting your hands jammed in moving plastic chain.
By this experience, we would like people to imagine that you have got your hands jammed in your actual workplace.


Circular Cutting Blade Simulator [ACSEL 5100]


Lifting Weight Simulator [ ACSEL 5130]

This imulator allows you experience the mental miscalculation of lifting heavy items.Using three types of obje

Manual drive Belt conveyor Jamming Accident Simulator

Manual drive Belt conveyor Jamming Accident Simulator [ACSEL 1030]

This simulator lets you experience “getting caught up” in the various drive components of a belt conveyor. This unit can also be used for training to predict the risk of danger associated with drive components.

Stage Incline Accident Simulator

Stage Incline Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5110]

By this handrail movement and platform instability experiences,
You can understand the risk of falling from the instability work platform.

Chucking Jamming Accident Simulator [ACSEL 2060]


Unsteady Stepladder Accident Simulator

Unsteady Stepladder Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5050]

This simulator allows the worker to experience the potential dangers of using stepladders in an unsafe manner.

Manual drive Roller Jamming Accident Simulator

Manual drive Roller Jamming Accident Simulator [ACSEL 1040]

This simulator lets you experience the feeling of getting your hands trapped in rollers. Even with small rubber rollers, you’ll find your hands will be trapped with more force than you would imagine.

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