To Falling Accident

VR Stepladder・falling Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5051]


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Industrial Safety Belt Simulator [ACSEL 5120]


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Elevated Workplace Accident Simulator

Elevated Workplace Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5060]

This elevated platform allows the worker to learn the benefits of using a sagety harness correcthly.
The top bar is ajustable to demonstrate how it affects worker sagety at differing levels.

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Unsteady Stepladder Accident Simulator

Unsteady Stepladder Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5050]

This simulator allows the worker to experience the potential dangers of using stepladders in an unsafe manner.

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Slipping and Falling Down Simulator

Slipping and Falling Down Simulator [ACSEL 5030]

People walk on this device with handrails and various floor surfaces, and experience the hazard of slipping and falling down.

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Stage Incline Accident Simulator

Stage Incline Accident Simulator [ACSEL 5110]

By this handrail movement and platform instability experiences,
You can understand the risk of falling from the instability work platform.

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Stairway Slipping and Falling Down Simulator

Stairway Slipping and Falling Down Simulator [ACSEL 5040]

This simulator has been designed to let you experience steps with steep gradients both visually and by walking on them, and teaches you about the dangers inherent in stairs. Learn the importance of holding onto handrails.

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