Electric shock, Overcurrent and Tracking Simulator [ACSEL 3040]

The device allows people to experience and learn the risk of overloading an electrical circuit and the difference of current value of electric shock under dry/wet condition.

Have you ever had this type of experience before?

While an operator was inspecting a power supply device, he/she touched a copper wire exposed out of a coating material, which gave him/her electric shock.

Water was spilled over a power plug in an office, and it short-circuited.

Device Overview

Electric shock, Overcurrent and Tracking Simulator
Electric shock, Overcurrent and Tracking Simulator


A thick coated wire shows no changes, while smoke comes out from a thin coated wire, which will be burned later.

Electric shock

Placing each hand on two kinds of electrode plates, dry and wet, a person feels the difference in the sensation that he/she receives from the current when its current value is increased.

VoltageThree-phase 200V
Outside dimensionWidth 1,000 x Depth 850 x Height 1,700 (mm)
* Excluding anchor brackets.
* With closed doors.
Weightabout 250kg

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