Design and Production Examples

Asia Create’s technology is characterized by providing the best technology for our customers,
rather than being state-of-the-art.

We provide solutions to your manufacturing site problems with our automated machinery technology
and services to implement your “I wish we could do this in our factory ” and “I wish we had this in our factory.”

Case 1: I want to power up my Egg-Packing Equipment.

Details of the Request

▪I would like to see greater production efficiency than the current machine.
▪It is a delicate product, but please try to avoid defective products as much as possible.
▪Reduce the number of maintenance times to increase continuous operation times.
▪Since the manufacturer of the current machine is no longer in business,
we have no previous drawings or documentation so please design a new one.

We made it happen through a conversation with our customers.

By combining the customer’s product’s know-how with our accumulated know-how,
we design a new product from scratch.

▪50% increase in production per unit.
▪Reduced defect rate by 20%.
▪The time required for periodic maintenance has been cut in half.

A.C. Point

We work together with the customer to prototype and verify the design,
and then created an optimal design with a reasonable mechanism without going overboard with the specifications.

Case 2: I want to automate box packing, which used to be done manually.

Details of the Request

▪Since there’s no room to space, please make it in a very space-saving manner.
▪Please devise a structure on a budget that does not use a robot .
▪Please design with a simple structure as much as possible so that it is easy to inspect.
▪At a minimum, one unit should have the productivity of at least three people.

We made it happen by reversing our ideas

Reversing the idea, we have created a structure in which the case is placed over the bottle,
rather than the bottle being placed in the case.

▪Extremely simple structure, compressed in space and price!
▪It is simple but it has the power of 5 people!

A.C. Point

If we accumulate know-how, we can achieve this even with analog technology.
To achieve the optimum, we do not run to the latest technology, but first use our wisdom.

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