Solvent Explosion Simulator [ACSEL 3010]

By igniting vaporized organic solvent, people can see that small energy (sparks) can deliver big energy (explosion) and experience the shock from the reaction.

Have you ever had this type of experience before?

While handling a hazardous material, an operator carelessly mixed a wrong chemical by mistake and caused an explosion.

Device Overview

Solvent Explosion Simulator

Device specifications

  • Toluene solution is used
  • Cork stopper:Upper diameter 75Ø x lower diameter 70Ø x height 30m⁄m
  • Glass tube: Pyrex tube
  • Microsyringe: Model 80765/Volume: 250µl
  • Transformer: Model IC-A1C
    Primary voltage: 100VAC, Capacity 240VA
    Secondary voltage: 10KV, Secondary short circuit current 19mA
Outside dimensionWidth 200 x Depth 200 x Height 350 (mm)
* Excluding a stand part.
Weightabout 9kg (excluding transformer)

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