Our success story

ASCEL Safety Simulators

Our ACSEL Safety Simulators have been delivered to over 500 companies (as at July 2020) both within Japan and exported overseas to such countries as the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc,.

Our highly skilled production team are constantly studying to develop new types of Safety
Simulators to meet our customer’s increasing demands for high tech methods to improve workplace safety.

As you can see by the figures below, our ACSEL simulators have become increasingly popular with industry.

2015 —- 150 Units/Year
2016 —- 180 Units/Year
2017 —- 190 Units/Year
2018 —- 260 Units/Year
2019 —- 380 Units/Year

Who uses our simulators?

〇 Production industry

・Automobile manufacture ・Semiconductor manufacture
・Material processing company ・Residential house construction
・Steel manufacture ・Metals manufacture ・Paper mill company
・Tire manufacture ・Printing company

〇 Food industry
・Frozen food manufacture ・Beverage manufacture
・Seasoning production manufacture ・Confectionary manufacture
・Bread manufacture ・Dairy company

〇 Chemical industry
・Hazardous chemical manufacture ・Petroleum refining company
・Pharmaceutical company  ・Industrial use films manufacture

〇 Construction and Heavy plant
・General Construction company ・Civil Engineering company
・Mining company ・Power plant  ・Sewage Treatment plant
・Shipbuilding company

〇 Service , Education
・Railway company ・Airline company
・Technical training center ・Logistic company

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