Design and Manufacture of Industrial Automation Equipment

We have been designing and manufacturing machines and equipments to meet the needs of our customers.

For factor such as “this is inconvenient” and “Could this area be improved?”, we propose the most suitable specialized machines and equipment.

We provide one-stop service from design and production to installation, electrical control, and maintenance.

Automotive Industry Related Equipment

・Pallet Conveyor for Transporting Materials
・Stator Housing Transfer Equipment Design
・High-frequency Hardening Pinion Shaft Supply and Discharge System
・Fuse Box Assembly Line
・Steering Column Welding Jig (Fixture)
・Battery Sheet Pasting Machine
・Steering Column Inner Diameter (I.D.) Deburring System
・Gearbox Transfer Jig

Specialized Equipment for Packaging and Logistics, etc.

・Tray Supply Unit
・C-type Case Packing Line System
・Cardboard Reel Assembly machine
・OA Equipment Packaging Line System
・Fishery Robot Palletizer
・Air Cushioning Material Manufacturing Machine
・Raw Material Automatic Packaging Line
・Long Packaging Line System

Specialized Machines

・Lace Rolling Machine
・Film Press Machine
・Optical Lens Dish Washers
・Semi-Automatic Wall Painting Robot
・Film Handling Equipment for LCDs
・Film Inspection Machine for LCDs
・Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (Design)
・Rolled Product Cutting Machine

Plant Equipments

・Low-level Waste Treatment Line for Nuclear Power Plants
・Agricultural Community Drainage Treatment
・Carbon Manufacturing Facility
・Paper Dust Water Reuse Equipment
・Chemical Fusion Plant for Copiers (Design and Construction Management)
・Piping Work for Pharmaceutical Company (Design and Construction Management)
・Purifier Unit

Equipment for the Food Industry

・Processed Food Conveying Line (Design and Construction Management)
・Clam Sorting Machine
・Culture Tank Equipment
・Rice Cooking Continuous Stacking Equipment
・Lees Stripping Equipment Modification
・Soy Sauce Factory Heavy Oil Tank
・Soy Sauce Lees Conveying Line

Electrical Control and Instrumentation Engineering

・AR Measuring Device Unit
・PS Characteristics Inspection Equipment
・Room Temperature Adjustment Control System
・Urethane Sheet Pinhole Appearance Inspection System
・Laser Type Total Height Measuring Device
・Semiconductor Cleaning Equipment
・Image Processing Equipment

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