Rental Services

To meet the requests from customers, we provide rental services for the following Safety experience Training Machines. Please feel free to contact us.

Vee Belt Jamming Accident Simulator

It is a device to simulate a jamming accident by inserting a foreign matter such as a disposal wooden chopstick between a Vee belt and a pulley, and allow people to experience the shock from jamming.

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Rotaing(Multiple) Jamming Accident Simulator

Rotaing(Multiple) Jamming Accident Simulator

The device has three simulating functions including roller jamming, rotating shaft jamming and auto safety door.

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Electric shock, Overcurrent and Tracking Simulator

With the device, people can observe how fire could start due to an overloaded electrical circuit and experience the strength of electric shock caused by short circuit.

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Slipping and Falling Down Simulator

Slipping and Falling Down Simulator

People walk on this device with handrails and various floor surfaces, and experience the hazard of slipping and falling down.

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Slipping and Falling Down Simulator

Pointing and Calling Procedure Simulator

The device allows people to experience the effectiveness of pointing and calling procedure by showing the differences in the accuracy ratios when operation is conducted with/without the pointing and calling procedure.

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Basic Conditions

  • Delivery is Freight-On-Board, which customers unload and install delivered goods. Please be aware that a forklift is required for transportation.
  • Required standard power is 100VAC. (For Safety experience Training Machine for Electric shock, Overcurrent and Tracking, it is 200VAC.)
  • As a general rule, a maximum rental period is four days. Please send an application no later than two weeks advance of your requested rental date.
  • Product delivery fee* and transportation fee are separately charged.
    (* In principle, we will arrange delivery to a site at the cost of consolidated shipment.)


  • Please understand that due to the nature of devices, we cannot provide full guarantee on the safety and devices are not free from risks and accidents during use.
  • For any fault of a device associated with abnormal usage, customers are responsible for the full repair fee. Please handle a device with care.

Inquiries related to the introduction of Safety Simulators

Total support from planning/designing phase!

We plan, design and manufacture Safety experience Training Machines which satisfy the needs of customers and the requirements of their sites. Please feel free to contact us.

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