Sheet Jamming Accident Simulator

The device allows a person to try to take a foreign matter on a guide roller using a model hand and experience a jamming accident.

In particular, people can learn about sheet conveyance, how to operate a winding machine, and the important points of product handling.

Have you ever had this type of experience before?
Trying to remove a foreign matter attached to a sheet, a hand got almost jammed in a moving roller.

Device Overview

Sheet Jamming Accident Simulator

Sheet Jamming Accident Simulator
People let a model hand jammed in a sheet to feel the strength of pulling power.

Device specifications

  • Roll diameter: 130mm
  • Roll width: 300mm
  • Reverse rotation function
  • Rotating speed: 36rpm (60Hz) (With an inverter)
  • Tension control function
  • Emergency stop button and brake function
Voltage 100VAC
Air pressure 0.5Mpa and over
Outside dimension Width 1,200 x Depth 1,400 x Height 1,700 (mm)
* Excluding anchor brackets and a patrol light.
Weight about 550kg
Accident Type

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